Fountain and Aerator Installation

Pond and Lakefront Aeration Services

Keep your waterfront clean, clear and healthy with aeration and fountain services by Aquatic Weeds. We’ll consult with you to determine the best fit for your needs based on body of water and size. We offer fountain installation, aerator installation, top-water aerator systems and Aqua Thruster systems across Orlando, Kissimmee, Davenport, Osceola County, Orange County, Lake County and Seminole County, Florida.

Stagnant water with a lack of circulation leads to a buildup of muck, aquatic weeds and algae along the shoreline of lakes, ponds, bays, marinas and so forth. Fountains and aerators help to circulate water, bring oxygen flow into the water and move cold water up to lower surface water temperatures. This can keep your body of water balanced throughout the year, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Fountain Installation

Our fountain installations are ideal for large, medium and small ponds; and are often featured in community ponds for curb appeal, in addition to keep the pond healthy and clear. In addition to being a decorative and eye-catching feature, fountains will circulate and oxygenate the water in addition to rippling any growth to the shoreline to allow for easy cleaning.

  • Available in 1/2HP to 5HP sizes
  • Elegant, dramatic displays
  • Multiple patterns and premium nozzles available for a variety of displays
  • Marine grade, stainless steel components
  • Illumination options available


Just as we depend on oxygen to live, so do bodies of water. Aerators feed oxygen into the water of lakes and ponds, while keeping water circulating. Aeration can reduce the build up of muck on the bottom surface of ponds and lakes in addition to stabilizing the PH of the water and reducing the amount of pond algae. Aerators are a cheaper alternative to fountains or maintaining a healthy lake or pond. There are two types of aeration systems available.

Diffused (Bottom-Mounted) Aeration System

Restore your pond or lake’s natural ecosystem by adding water mixing and movement through diffused aeration. A compressor is installed on the shore to push air through self-weighted lines to a diffuser at the bottom of your pond or lake. The air infuses oxygen into the water and pushes cold water up, mixing water to prevent weed overgrowth, algae and other issues. This is especially beneficial for deeper bodies of water.

Surface Aeration System

A surface, or top water, aerator provides high oxygen transfer and water movement at extreme value. It pushes high volume of water bubbles into the air; helping to circulate water, introduce oxygen, and break up algae that has built up on the surface. For effectiveness, surface aerators should only be used on bodies of water less than 8 feet deep, and are great for backyard ponds, fish farms and more.

Aqua Thruster

An Aqua Thruster is a circulator that provides a strong, directional flow of water to clean and clear waterfront property. They help keep water near docks, canals and shorelines free of floating debris and foul odors. By churning the water; debris and floating algae gets pushed away, oxygen is added to the water and it helps de-muck the floor of water near a lakefront or dock. Installation can be floating (secured to the secure with ropes) or mounted to a dock or similar structure.