Disaster Cleanup

Disaster Cleanup of fallen boulders in lakeAquatic Weeds’ disaster cleanup services utilize versatile aquatic workboats to safely and efficiently clean up waterway debris left from natural or man-made disasters.  Examples of disaster cleanup efforts include fallout from storms, hurricanes, oil leaks, accidents, broken docks and fallen trees.  The Aquatic Weeds Disaster Recovery team can remove large objects and obstructions from lakes, ponds, canals and oceanfronts. With our hydraulic pole saw attachment, we can cut large trees and wood into smaller pieces. We then remove them with the heavy lifting capability of our loaders.  We can remove construction debris, metal, rocks and more from waterfronts and waterways.

Our amphibious workboat allows us to work on land, in the water and in swampy areas to provide full-coverage disaster remediation.  Features include tree cutting, mowing, suction pumping and oil/gas skimming and removal.

Florida is prone to natural disasters from tropical storms and Hurricanes. Aquatic Weeds is here to professionally and quickly clean up the mess left behind by Mother Nature so you can safely enjoy your beautiful landscape again.

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